FlatWrap® HP Housewrap

FlatWrap® HP is a high-performance water-resistant barrier. It can be used alone in some climates as a simple moisture management solution. However, it is most effective for superior bulk water drainage and exceptional vapor when used in conjunction with a rainscreen. 

As a tri-laminate house wrap, FlatWrap® HP has a micro-porous, non-perforated film that is put in between two non-woven layers. The film layer gives the product breathability and water hold-out capabilities for reliable moisture management. The non-woven layers give it extra durability to protect the film from damage during the housewrap installation process. 

FlatWrap® HP is a perfect WRB to use behind our line of Slicker® rainscreen products. It can also be paired with HydroGap® Drainable housewrap as the required secondary layer in stone or stucco applications. This product is not intended for open joint applications with intentional gaps left between siding boards (check out InvisiWrap UV for these applications).

FlatWrap® HP Housewrap Features

  • The premium tri-laminate housewrap material provides optimal strength while protecting the water-resistant film layer  
  • It is available in smaller rolls sizes, making it easy for single-person installation  
  • Greater tear and wind load resistance for jobs over 40 feet  
  • Compatible with all Benjamin Obdyke sill solutions  
  • The taping of seams is not required, reducing both material and labor costs  
  • Resists damage from surfactants that can compromise other brands of housewrap  
  • The ideal water-resistant barrier to be used in combination with the Slicker family of rainscreen products 

What to Know About FlatWrap HP Installation

  • FlatWrap® HP should be unrolled with the printed side and spacers of the housewrap facing out and installed in shingle lap fashion 
  • FlatWrap® HP can be installed in any direction and still maintain its reliable moisture management characteristics 
  • Fasteners for this house wrapping system should have a minimum of ½ in penetration into the nail base and be spaced 12 to 18 inches apart along the vertical and horizontal laps


FlatWrap HP Product Drawing

Roll width

5 ft & 9 ft

Roll length

100 ft (30.48 m)

Vapor permeance

16 Perms

UV exposure rating

120 days

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Goes without saying, water is our enemy…when it comes to building. This relentless culprit is the number one killer of buildings and cause of failures. So, proper moisture management is an absolute must.