HydroGap® SA Housewrap

HydroGap® SA is the first and only self-adhered WRB to incorporate a true drainage space. As one of the best housewraps on the market, HydroGap® SA reduces the risk of moisture damage by keeping walls dry. The self-adhered component of this product helps limit the amount of air that passes through the membrane. 

The 1mm spacer technology combined with a fully continuous breathable acrylic adhesive provides an unmatched air and moisture barrier. Additionally, this drainable housewrap has a mesh-like material that increases the tear resistance and improves the flexibility and stretch of the product when tension is applied. The features, benefits, and ease of installation make HydroGap SA a favorite among contractors for residential and multi-family builds.

Top Features of HydroGap SA

  • The 100% continuous acrylic adhesive technology provides sealing around every fastener and penetration point  
  • Our patented 1mm spacers create a true drainage space with 96% drainage efficiency and will remove water 2x faster than flat housewraps  
  • A complete line of flashing accessories is available to create the most durable system and achieve unmatched warranty coverage for up to 20 years  
  • Adheres to OSB, CDX, plywood, and CMU without the use of a primer above 25 degrees Fahrenheit 

HydroGap SA Installation Benefits

  • The advanced acrylic adhesive eliminates the risk of potential blow-off during HydroGap® SA installation 
  • Before applying pressure, you can reposition HydroGap SA, meaning product waste and mistakes are minimal 
  • The HydroGap® SA installation process makes it easier to maintain mechanical overlaps since the product can overlap with the top window nailing fin   
  • HydroGap® SA has a vapor permeance rating of 12, making it an excellent housewrap choice for mixed climates, and can be installed in temperatures as low as 25 degrees F without a primer 

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Hydrogap SA Product Drawing


4.75 ft (1.45m)

Length Per Roll

80ft (24.38m)

Max UV Exposure

120 Days


Polypropylene Tri-Laminate

Vapor Permeability

12 Perms


Continuous Acrylic

Fire Rating

Class A


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HydroGap SA combines the water-shedding benefits of a drainable housewrap with the air-sealing benefits of an adhesive. Here is a brief overview of the installation process, including strategies to consider to ensure you get the most out of this innovative new product.