HydroFlash® LA

There should be no reason for origami when doing exterior wall flashing details. HydroFlash LA, a liquid-applied flashing, is the perfect solution when sealing geometrically challenging areas. HydroFlash® LA is designed for exterior flashing of rough openings, transitions, and seams as part of a high-performing air and water management system. The best areas to utilize a liquid-applied flashing are when you need to fill imperfections, penetrations, or seal difficult areas.

HydroFlash® LA Features & Benefits

  • Use for challenging details in exterior insulation applications, including geometrically complex areas
  • Creates superior air sealing details
  • Use to create monolithic sill flashing & prevent leaks
  • Cure time is only 6 hours with 20-40 mil thickness

Tips for Installing HydroFlash LA

  • Load your applicator tool, such as a caulk gun, before making your cut in the film, and add the applicator tip for less mess
  • Spackle and putty knives work to provide a clean, smooth finish
  • Less is more – the thicker you put the product on, the less vapor permeability it has

If you’re new to liquid-applied flashing, it can cause you to approach using it the first time with caution. Get more detailed installation tips in this full blog post: Tips for Using Liquid-Applied Flashing in Rough Window Openings, or contact us for help!


20 oz. sausage/12 per carton

10 oz. cartridge/24 per carton

Typical Coverage

8-10 sq ft. per sausage

3-5 sq ft. per cartridge

Cured Thickness

20-40 mils

Compound Technology


Cure Time

20-40 mils = 6 hours

Install Temperature

25° – 100°F


180 days

Tack Free Time

2-3 hours

Vapor Permeance

3-6 perms (20-40 wet mils)


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