Air Barrier Drainable Housewrap System

Are you looking for a drainable housewrap and air barrier in one? You’ve found it! Air sealing capabilities powered by advanced adhesive technology meet the true drainage performance of our patented HydroGap in this air barrier drainable housewrap system.

HydroGap® Self-Adhered Drainable Housewrap

The keystone product, HydroGap SA is the industry’s first-ever drainable housewrap with a fully continuous, vapor-permeable acrylic adhesive backing. The advanced technology ensures sealing around fasteners and penetration points to provide a continuous air barrier.

This system is ideal for projects that use composite or fiber cement siding and where air and moisture protection is a top priority. Additionally, using HydroGap SA is perfect behind exterior foam board applications and where blower door tests are a requirement by local building code.

When used together, HydroGap SA and HydroFlash provide an unmatched 20-year system warranty that guarantees the products’ performance in application.

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