HydroGap® Drainable Housewrap

HydroGap® Drainable Housewrap is among the best-performing moisture management products on the market. This product combines the water-resistive layer of a traditional housewrap with a proper gap to facilitate water drainage from behind the exterior siding. Using this product inspires construction professionals to Build Better™ by effectively eliminating excess moisture, preventing long-term damage caused by mold and rot.  

The standout feature of this product is the patent-pending one-millimeter spacer that is strategically spread across the exterior surface of the weather-resistive barrier. The spacer function allows at least 100X more bulk water to drain from a wall compared to standard housewraps. It’s not just about how much gets out; it’s how fast it does. The technology behind HydroGap immediately starts draining water as soon as it enters the building envelope.

HydroGap Drainable Housewrap Performance Features

  • The 1 mm compression-resistant spacers assure a continuous and efficient drainage gap 
  • The tri-laminate substrate provides a water holdout layer that is sandwiched between two non-woven layers to maximize strength and protect it from damage during installation 
  • With a vapor permeability rating of 16, this product sits right in the sweet spot allowing moisture to escape the wall assembly quickly before it damages the sidewall materials 
  • Removes over 100X more bulk water from a wall versus standard housewraps 
  • Drains at least 2X faster than other drainable housewraps

Installation Benefits of HydroGap Drainable Housewrap

  • There’s no need for seam taping with HydroGap, saving you on time and labor costs 
  • The omnidirectional design of the spacers means you can install this housewrap in any direction without affecting drainability 
  • HydroGap is recommended for all cladding types but is best to use under fiber cement, composite, and vinyl siding 

We stand behind our products, and that’s why our warranties cover performance too. Click here to see how you can get a 20 Year Product and Labor Warranty for the HydroGap® Drainable Housewrap System. 


Hydrogap Product Drawing

Roll width

5 ft & 9 ft

Roll length

100 ft

Vapor permeance

16 perms

Drainage gap

1 mm

UV exposure rating

120 days

Fire rating

Class A

Drainable Housewrap closeup Thumbnail

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Why Should I Use a Drainable Housewrap?

Moisture is the number one cause of exterior wall damage. Drainage is widely accepted as one of the most effective measures for reducing moisture damage due to rain penetration. Drainage is a critical component in allowing the housewrap to do its job – particularly in keeping walls dry.