InvisiWrap® SA

The UV protection of InvisiWrap UV meets the durability and high-performance adhesion & permeability of HydroGap SA to create InvisiWrap SA. InvisiWrap SA is designed for use with architectural projects that incorporate “open joint cladding.” When used in conjunction with a rainscreen, it provides superior bulk water drainage, exceptional vapor permeability, and long-lasting durability for the building envelope. The self-adhered component of this product helps limit the amount of air that passes through the membrane. 

  • The 100% continuous acrylic adhesive technology provides sealing around every fastener and penetration point  
  • Adheres to OSB, CDX, plywood, and CMU without the use of a primer above 25 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Can withstand 12 months of UV exposure before siding installation
  • Boasts superior tear strength & water holdout
  • It can be used behind siding openings up to 2 inches


4.75 ft (1.45 m)

Length Per Roll

80 ft (24.38 m)

Max UV Expoosure

365 Days before siding installation


Polyester Nonwoven/Polyester Coating

Vapor Permeability

10 Perms


Continuous Acrylic