Rapid Ridge® 7 Ridge Vent

Rapid Ridge® 7 is specifically designed for use with narrow hip and ridge shingles, cedar and slate. For optimum performance in wood roofing applications use Rapid Ridge 7 with Cedar Breather®. Rapid Ridge is also available in Standard sizes.

  • Made specifically for narrow hip and ridge shingles including cedar and slate
  • Low-profile design provides sleek and almost invisible protection
  • Breathable weather barrier that prevents rain, snow and insect infiltration
  • Wing tip design prevents shingles from folding over ridge vent, cutting off ventilation
  • Compression resistant design
  • See-through hinge makes it easy to center over the ridge
  • End plug free installation saves time by shingling over
  • Lightest ridge vent on a roll

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Net Free Area

12.5 in²/lin ft


7 in


20 ft


5/8 in


5,960,595; 6,298,613; 6,981,916 US – 2,236,487; 2,472,923; 2,300,803 CAN

Note to Distributors: do not store pallets of material in direct sunlight

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