HydroTape® DS Sealing Tape

HydroTape DS is a ¾” wide acrylic-based double-sided seam tape that helps trapped moisture escape in exterior wall assemblies. This product combats the risk of impeded drainage caused by reverse overlaps, which are often a result of traditional seam tapes. While many conventional seam tapes are vapor impermeable, which can cause the drying path to go inward toward the sheathing, HydroTape DS is vapor-permeable, allowing any trapped moisture to dry toward the exterior of the wall assembly.

Implementing a vapor-permeable, double-sided tape with mechanically-fastened housewraps will eliminate unnecessary moisture in the home.

Features of HydroTape DS:

  • This ¾” width tape comes in rolls of 82 feet.
  • It is vapor permeable, allowing trapped moisture to dry to the exterior
  • The adhesive seals around fasteners to reduce air infiltration at penetration points
  • Can be used at the top of the wall assembly as an alternative to applying caulk

Seam tape on the surface of a mechanically-fastened housewrap, or pre-weatherized sheathing material can often do more harm than good. Using a double-sided seam tape can ensure your build stays protected.

Contact us to learn more about how to use HydroTape DS with your next project.

Roll Width

.75 in.

Roll Length

82 ft.



Temperature Range

Install down to 25°F, store above 40°F


Testing & Certifications