HydroFlash® UV+

HydroFlash® UV+ is formulated with an acrylic adhesive for extreme environmental conditions. HydroFlash UV+ can be used in Open Joint Cladding systems with a 12 month UV rating before siding installation. Taping of Benjamin Obdyke housewrap seams is not required, but if you must tape, use HydroFlash UV+ 2.3 inch seam tape.

  • High performance tape offering premium combination of durability and stickability
  • Unique characteristic of permeability (4 perms) which allows drying to the exterior
  • Aggressive acrylic adhesive with black, unprinted UV-resistant facer
  • Ideal for use in all WRB applications, but is also rated for long-term UV stability for open cladding systems

Roll Width

2.3 in, 4 in, 6 in, 9 in

Roll Length

82 ft



Max UV Exposure

365 days (before siding installation)

Temperature Range

Install down to 25°F, store above 40°F


15 year product warranty


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