Xtractor Vent® XLP Ridge Vent

A low-profile externally baffled ridge vent, Xtractor Vent® XLP works in conjunction with a soffit system to extract heat and moisture out of the attic. XLP ridge vent is designed specifically for fast installation with the use of a nail gun.

  • Low-profile sectional design
  • Integrated end plugs throughout for structural integrity and to reduce scrap
  • External and internal baffles prevent wind-driven rain and snow infiltraton
  • Embossed nail lines for correct nail placement and an embossed center line for proper alignment on the ridge
  • Nail-gunnable for fast installatin
  • Compression resistant design

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Net Free Area

12.75 in²/lin ft


14 in


4 ft sections


5/8 in


6,277,024 US and 2,327,795 CAN

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