August 26th is coming up, and you know what that means (maybe?) – International Flashing Awareness Day! So in honor of our favorite holiday, we’ve rounded up some of our top flashing resources so you can find them all in one place. Below you’ll find summaries and links to our top flashing content.

Liquid-Applied, UV, and General Purpose Flashing: What to Use Where

Several product options exist for nearly everything in the building industry, especially in the flashing realm. Understanding the type of products that make the most sense in certain areas can be crucial in the selection process. Click here to see our guide on what to use and where.

How to Define a High-Performance Flashing Tape

If you’re new here, there’s one thing you need to know: once you go acrylic, there’s no going back. While butyl- and asphalt-based adhesives used to be the go-to products, newer, acrylic-based technology is becoming the gold standard. Click here to learn about the characteristics you should look for in a flashing tape.

Flashing Tape 101: How to Compare Your Tapes

Our two primary flashing tapes are HydroFlash UV+ and HydroFlash GP. While both are high-performance in nature, they have several differentiators that help determine which you should choose for your project. You can check those out here.

Liquid-Applied Flashing for Newbies

Liquid-applied flashing has been a game changer. There’s no need for job site origami or trying to make tape fit where it doesn’t want to. While using liquid-applied flashing may seem a bit messy, you can have a few tips in your toolbelt to make it fit seamlessly into your installation process. Get those tips here.

Window Flashing and Exterior Insulation

We’ve all seen the growing trend of additional exterior insulation and the need to create tighter, more energy-efficient homes. But how does this impact our use of flashing? Learn more about what you need to know about window flashing and exterior insulation/exterior foam board here.

More of a Visual Person?

We get it – you want to see how flashing works rather than read about it. We’ve got you covered there too. Head over to our video library and learn all about the different types of flashing we offer, see real-life installation videos, and more.

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