If you’re installing popular open-joint cladding, it’s critical to pay close attention to the entire wall system. The wider gaps associated with open-joint cladding increase the amount of UV and weather exposure the housewrap will experience. Benjamin Obdyke’s InvisiWrap SA housewrap tackles these added challenges by making it easy to create an eye-catching aesthetic while also protecting the integrity of the building envelope in this unique and evolving application.

Black Housewrap for Extreme Environments

InvisiWrap Self-Adhered combines the benefits of InvisiWrap UV black housewrap with those of a self-adhered WRB. Like the original InvisiWrap UV, InvisiWrap SA offers enhanced UV protection to accommodate increased exposure behind open-joint cladding, and its black, non-printed facer ensures an ideal aesthetic and shadows between the gaps. The addition of a continuous, 100% acrylic adhesive seals around cladding fasteners to help maintain the integrity of the air barrier—providing enhanced protection in the extreme environment created by open-joint cladding.

InvisiWrap SA has a split-release liner for easy application and positioning. The acrylic adhesive is repositionable during installation; once an installer is satisfied with the wrap placement, they apply pressure to activate the bond fully. No seam tape is required.

As a polyester non-woven housewrap with a proprietary UV coating, InvisiWrap SA is tougher than standard housewraps and will stand up to the elements with superior tear strength and water holdout. When used in conjunction with a rainscreen, InvisiWrap SA provides superior bulk water drainage, exceptional vapor permeability, and long-lasting durability for the building envelope. A reinforcement scrim within the adhesive provides tensile strength that makes it easier for installers to pull the wrap tight and straight.

UV Protected Rainscreen System Samples


High Performance & Available

Along with open-joint cladding, InvisiWrap SA’s UV exposure allowance of 12 months makes it suitable for behind conventional cladding in light commercial projects and large custom homes where longer lead times may mean increased building wrap exposure time.

Unlike most other black housewrap options, InvisiWrap SA is available through traditional residential distribution channels, so it’s extremely accessible for contractors without long lead-times and high shipping costs. When used with Benjamin Obdyke’s HydroFlash UV+ flashing tape around doors and windows and Batten UV furring strips, InvisiWrap SA carries an industry-leading 25-year system warranty.

If your homes are staying on trend with open-joint cladding, request a sample of InvisiWrap SA to ensure beautiful aesthetics and optimum wall performance.