HydroGap® SA, the first ever self-adhered drainable housewrap, helps contractors tackle trapped moisture within a wall system. This weather-resistant-barrier (WRB) combines a built-in drainage plane with the air-sealing benefits of an adhesive backing to promote a drier wall cavity and alleviate the worry of system failures and exterior wall damage.

Consider these five advantages of HydroGap SA when choosing a WRB for your next project.

1.True Drainage Path and Continuous Air Barrier in One Product

It’s well known that the need to keep moisture out of our wall systems is a crucial one but also not necessarily the easiest to accomplish as we continue to shift toward tighter building structures. HydroGap SA tackles this challenge by, as the old expression says, killing two birds with on stone. The 1mm spacers create a true drainage path with 96% drainage efficiency, ensuring that bulk moisture can quickly and effectively escape the wall assembly, reducing the amount of trapped water behind the cladding. At the same time, the WRB’s self-adhered component provides true sealing around cladding fasteners to lessen the amount of air passing through the wall membrane, allowing for a continuous air barrier.

2. Advanced Adhesive Technology

You don’t need to worry about placing HydroGap SA perfectly on the wall on your first try; the advanced technology in its adhesive backing allows you to reposition the WRB as needed until you apply pressure. However, once the product is pressure-applied, it’s not going anywhere. The 100% continuous acrylic adhesive ensures that any fasteners that penetrate the cladding, exterior foam, and/or furring strips become sealed, adding to the integrity of the true air barrier.

HydroGap SA Samples


3. Withstands the Rigors of Construction

HydroGap SA’s adhesive technology also increases the WRB’s tear resistance by 20% and, by providing full contact with the sheathing, diminishes the chance for ballooning and blow-off.

4. Air Control Layer Continues into Rough Opening When Paired with HydroFlash LA

HydroFlash® LA, a liquid-applied flashing, creates a monolithic seal around the sill and other challenging areas of the building envelope. When paired with HydroGap SA, the two products work together to reduce the chance of moisture seeping into the wall assembly’s most vulnerable areas and enhances the air barrier of the structure.

5. Vapor Permeance

With a vapor permeance rating of 12, HydroGap SA is great for mixed-season climates, though it is compatible in all areas of the country. This feature allows trapped moisture or vapor to escape the building and wall assembly from the inside of the structure.

Building science is continuing to advance, and we are determined to create products that push the barrier and inspire our customers to Build Better. HydroGap SA will be coming to market in February 2021. Be sure you don’t miss it, sign up for launch notifications and be the first to know when HydroGap SA hits the market.

For a full demonstration on the advantages of HydroGap SA, be sure to check out this video below: