Much like the rest of the world, the COVID-19 pandemic rattled the building industry and paused construction for a period of time. At Benjamin Obdyke, we were still committed to being a resource to our customers, but travel restrictions and safety precautions made it practically impossible to continue with our traditional jobsite visits. So we took a step back, reassessed the challenges, and developed a plan for how we could adapt to continue helping our customers succeed. We were a bit skeptical about conducting our standard jobsite visits virtually, but now one year later it’s one of the best decisions we’ve made. 

Jobsite Visits Before COVID

Prior to the pandemic, a Benjamin Obdyke team member typically would join architects, contractors, and/or installers on site to guide them on how specific product(s) work and how to properly install them given the unique circumstances of each project. While on the jobsite, our team would build a mock-up wall system for the demonstration to be referenced during the length of the project.

Shifting to a Virtual Landscape

By utilizing the same concepts and messaging, we developed a virtual version of our jobsite visits. Using our studio and warehouse spaces, we’re able to replicate the project’s wall system to provide accurate and detailed instructions specific to your needs. Through a live step-by-step walkthrough, we provide everything you need upfront while answering any questions you have along the way. In addition to being there to support you and your team live, these virtual visits can also be recorded and used for training purposes — an option not always available nor practical for in-person meetings. Long after your virtual session, you can pull up this tool to refresh your memory or train other team members, helping to further ensure quality and consistency for every installation.

Customized for Every Project

Despite being virtual, our jobsite visits remain customized for every project. We know that one of the biggest hurdles to starting a new project is understanding the nuances you might face. We’re here to help with that. We’ll take a look at the complexity of the project, review the codes, and get an understanding of the building envelope as a whole to make sure you’re covered from a quality-control standpoint while also verifying you’re using a system that gets you the maximum benefit. By customizing each project, we’re able to walk you through the wall assembly and guarantee that you’re getting the resources you need to make an install quick and effective.

Advantages of Virtual Jobsite Visits

  1. Safe – Virtual jobsite visits protect the health and safety of both parties while COVID-19 remains a looming threat. This allows you to have more control of your jobsite and avoid adding extra people to your numbers. 
  1. Fast – During an in-person visit, our team would need time to set up the mock demonstration. Now, all of that is done prior to meeting virtually, which essentially shortens the amount of time you’re needed present for the visit. 
  1. Confident – Having a recording of the visit to refer to if needed can help ensure your installers are doing the job correctly throughout the duration of your project. This may help reduce the risk of improper installation, saving you time and money. 

Despite initial hesitation, the switch to virtual jobsite visits proved advantageous for both Benjamin Obdyke and our customers. While we are unsure when we will be resuming our in-person visits, we’re confident that virtual visits are here to stay as part of our training options. If you’re looking for some guidance and are interested in a virtual jobsite visit, you can easily request one by filling out this form.“Even in a virtual setting, Kaylen (Benjamin Obdyke’s Technical Innovation Manager), delivered a fully detailed presentation and was able to comprehensively illustrate how to use the Self Adhered Air Barrier Drainable Housewrap in combination with the HydroFlash LA properly. In my opinion, this is the best performing application currently on the market and the jobsite visit reaffirmed why we should be using it.” – Hector Plata of The Burgeon Company Inc, a Washington-based contracting company