What Is Green Building And How Can A Person Build A Green Home?

In essence, part of green building – or sustainable building – means using materials in such a way that people can live well without harm to the environment. Building a green home may include using reclaimed, rapidly renewable, and widely abundant building materials.

Using Reclaimed Materials
Go green by using reclaimed materials. Not only can decorative items and furniture be reclaimed, but there is a huge demand for reclaimed building materials. This includes old boards, windows, beams, tiles, and more. Using reclaimed materials is both good for the planet and gives a home warmth and character.

Using Renewable Materials
Many materials in today’s homes come from nonrenewable resources. “Nonrenewable” means it is produced at such a slow rate that it is considered to not be replenishable. Renewable resources, however, can be harvested repeatedly because they renew themselves in a short period of time.

Building with the Earth
Some nonrenewable resources (adobe, cob, clay, rammed earth) are so abundant that there is little fear of them running out. These earth products make wonderful, green building materials. However, many of these materials don’t currently meet building code requirements and are, for now, considered experimental.


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Green living is a better lifestyle for both people and the environment. Green building means designing homes in such a way that a person can live well without damaging the environment. Three types of materials to look for when building a home include reclaimed, renewable, and abundant building products.