Only a professional stucco inspector will truly be able to tell if you have a stucco related problem. Professional home inspectors focusing on stucco know what to look for and where to look for it. Here is an overview of what they may do:

Visual inspection

An inspector will first walk completely around your home and look for telltale signs of moisture – mostly staining, cracks, improper flashing, and stucco running below grade.

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Moisture probes

A method to identify the amount of moisture in particular areas involves drilling small holes and inserting a moisture probe into the area. The probe holes are then filled with a silicone caulk that ideally matches the color of the stucco and generally blend into the system.

Thermal imaging

An infrared image of the home can often show areas that have levels of moisture that can cause problems.

About how much will an inspection cost?

Depending on the size of the home and amount of stucco, an average cost will likely be between $600 – $1,200. Keep in mind that costs vary by inspector and are influenced by service area, square footage, accessibility and other factors. Contact an individual inspector for their fees.

There are 3 different phases of stucco inspections so costs can vary depending on how far an inspection goes:

  • Phase 1 – preliminary visual evaluation
  • Phase 2 – invasive moisture probe testing
  • Phase 3 – destructive testing