​Many homes are improperly or inadequately ventilated even when some form of ventilation is installed. Signs of improper ventilation include:

  • Damp insulation
  • Unnaturally dark or discolored decking
  • Dark streaks on roof boards around nails
  • Orange resin beads on rafters signaling sweating wood
  • Moisture on roof boards & rafters
  • Crumbling, curled roof shingles

Adequate roof venting, properly installed helps pull fresh air into the attic and pushes heat and moisture out. When done correctly roof ventilation helps reduce the risk of serious problems and can extend the life of your roof system. Improper roof ventilation, can also wreak havoc to the inside of the home. Uncontrolled hot air in the attic can penetrate the home’s living space, warming the area below and causing increased demands on air conditioners and increased utility costs.