When the COVID-19 pandemic began in March 2020, building product manufacturers had to make a dramatic shift: Within days, reps used to traveling the country to conduct training sessions at jobsites and lumberyards transitioned to Zoom calls and Facetime. But while the initial scramble may have felt a little uncomfortable and taken some getting used to, 18 months later Benjamin Obdyke and our customers are still going strong in a virtual environment—so much so that we’ll continue to offer this service in addition to traditional in-person meetings for the foreseeable future.

One of the most valued characteristics of Benjamin Obdyke is our hands-on approach to customer service. We believe in collaboration to help our contractors “build better,” and with that comes dedicated training and education opportunities to identify the best solutions for each project. And this strategy has not waned with our virtual training sessions.

What can you expect from virtual jobsite visits? First and foremost: Customization. Every building envelope is different, and we want to make sure you’re prepared with the right products, product systems, and installation strategies. Our representative will start with a phone call to gain an understanding of the project, climate zone, and other high-level details, and then they’ll dig into the project plans to understand the wall assembly and control layers, as well as any nuances needing attention. From there, we can identify the product options best suited to your project.

The virtual jobsite visit that follows will ideally include the architect and the installer so the team can talk through the different steps. Using a wall mockup, your Benjamin Obdyke rep will walk you through any special installation needs and potential problem areas. Together, you’ll physically look at each step and pre-plan the ideal installation approach, timing, and sequencing, as well as coordination among trades.

A recording of the session will be available to the installer to refer to as needed. 

To best prepare for your virtual jobsite training session, have plans available for your manufacturer representative and have a general idea of what products you’ll be using for the rest of the wall system, including sheathing, cladding, and insulation. It’s also helpful to identify if your project is seeking green building certification, such as LEED, Passive House, or Energy Star.

Along with one-on-one virtual training sessions, Benjamin Obdyke offers a range of educational resources, including product literature, online courses and white papers, how-to videos, and more. If you’re ready to get started planning your next wall system, schedule your custom virtual session here. Prefer to meet in person? We’re scheduling those, as well, as travel and safety protocols allow; contact us here to get connected.