Increasingly, builders, contractors and architects face the need to incorporate good moisture management solutions when designing and building structures to ward off problems such as mold, mildew or structural damage due to improper moisture management. Drainable housewraps address this need by incorporating both a water-resistive layer and a drainage gap, greatly facilitating water drainage from behind the exterior siding. Unlike standard housewraps, which provide only a water-resistive layer and can trap water behind cladding, drainable housewraps provide a continuous drainage gap that allows water to quickly escape from the wall system, protecting the building enclosure.

HydroGap Drainable Housewrap removes bulk water 100 times faster than standard housewrap so there is less chance for mold and rot to occur and cause expensive damage in the long run. If you are unfamiliar with the advantages of a drainable housewrap like HydroGap, want to know more, or are wondering how much this is going to cost, check out and download our infographic “Winning with Drainage”. It’s perfect for contractors and homeowners alike as it breaks down the benefits and cost of adding a drainable housewrap to your wall system. For more information on HydroGap, head over to where you will find jobsite and installation videos, compatibility information, installation instructions and more!

HydroGap Drainable Housewrap Samples