​A rainscreen system, such as our Slicker family, was designed for regions of the country prone to wind-driven rain, excessive amounts of rainfall, or high temperature and humidity.

Wind-driven rain from the outside and moisture vapor from the home’s interior, often remain trapped in the sidewall assembly. Left alone, this moisture can promote the growth of mold and undermine the structural integrity of the wall.

Slicker® Rainscreen Samples


For wet and/or humid climates, coastal areas and hilltop exposures receiving high (40 to 60 inches annually) or extreme (60 inches or more annually) rainfall, a ventilated rainscreen assembly is recommended; a rainscreen system is also advised for areas that receive high winds in addition to rain. Rainscreen systems are recognized by leading building trade associations for their effectiveness in controlling rain water intrusion into wall assemblies in areas of high and extreme rainfall.

Slicker rainscreen was designed to provide an easy-to-install, continuous ventilation and drainage space that is easier and faster than furring strips.