Open joint rainscreen cladding is a growing trend in exterior facades. The design concept relies on the performance benefits of a rainscreen, which is a gap behind cladding that facilitates drainage and drying. The open joint allows some incidental water to enter the rainscreen gap, but also promotes enhanced airflow to increase the drying rate. This creates a low-risk wall assembly to the potential damaging effects of moisture.

UV Protected Rainscreen System Samples


The downside of the open joint design is that areas of the water-resistive barrier are left exposed to sunlight. Therefore, a black housewrap enhanced with UV resistance is a perfect component for an open joint rainscreen cladding system. The color allows for discreet shadow lines between the panels. And the UV resistance ensures that the housewrap will continue to provide excellent water resistance and vapor permeability to protect the sheathing for the life of the building.

Black housewraps like our InvisiWrap UV are perfect for this application.