Meet the Team | Mike Lee

This year we’re introducing a series on who makes us Benjamin Obdyke. We want to highlight the people that represent our brand every day by educating the community on what it means to Build Better.

Who is Mike Lee?

Mike is one of the newest members on Team Obdyke and he has embraced every bit of being part of our culture since day one. As a Market Development Manager, a lot of his day-to-day efforts are in the field working with our customers to ensure they have everything they need. If you’re in the Maryland, Delaware, or Virginia area – make sure to connect with Mike!

In a customer-centric role, forming relationships with the dealers, architects, and builders is extremely important – and one of Mike’s favorite parts about his job.

“Education is a key aspect in what I do and it’s one of the most satisfying parts of my job. Working with our customers to not only educate them about our products, but about the building envelope as a whole is amazing. When I see the puzzle pieces come together in their head and know that I played a role in that is greatly rewarding,” said Mike.

What is His Favorite Project?

So far, Mike’s favorite project is a remodel of an older home on Fenwick Island. For this on-the-water project, Mike was able to do on-site HydroGap SA installation training for the crew. Additionally, this project utilized HydroFlash LA completing the full systems approach. The builder was so proud of this project, they were constantly sending Mike pictures as products we installed.

What He Looks to Accomplish in 2023

For Mike, he’s hoping to encourage his builders to make an Obdyke product their go-to for their projects.

Here to Help You Transform Your Craft

At Benjamin Obdyke, we strive to help you Transform Your Craft. But what does that mean? For Mike, it means going beyond the status quo and always trying to better your craft and adopt new technologies.

What He Does Outside of Obdyke

Mike is typically active and can often be found kayaking or partaking in indoor bouldering. When he’s not out and about, he likes to read and cook.