Meet the Team | Shay Clark

This year we’re introducing a series on who makes us Benjamin Obdyke. We want to highlight the people that represent our brand every day by educating the community on what it means to Build Better.

Who is Shay Clark?

Shay joined the Benjamin Obdyke team as an inside sales specialist in November of 2021. Since then, he has played a key role in helping our team grow and connect with our many customers across a variety of regions. If you’re in New England, the mid-West, mid-Atlantic, Canada, or even Australia – you might find yourself working with Shay.

Shay works with both internal and external partners, allowing him to have a unique view on the entire customer journey. From product development, to distribution, to the end user – he is able to see things in a way not many do. This has also allowed Shay to develop long-lasting key relationships with the individuals he works with.

“One of the best parts of my job is being able to interface with the customers and knowing that no matter where they are in the buyer’s journey, I can help them. It’s nice to know that these individuals value the resources I can bring to the table,” said Shay.

What is His Favorite Project?

Right now, for Shay, the fun is happening on the inside with the development of launching two new products. For this process, Shay really got to see how things come about being developed – and really how our customers lead the charge, along with a healthy dose of building science, in influencing what our products should look like and how they perform.

What He Looks to Accomplish in 2023

For Shay, he is looking forward to continuing the footprint and growth of Benjamin Obdyke’s distribution channels across the country.

Here to Help You Transform Your Craft

At Benjamin Obdyke, we strive to help you Transform Your Craft. But what does that mean? For Shay, it means helping our builders achieve a top-tier system with the best products for their project. We couldn’t have said it better

What She Does Outside of Obdyke

Shay’s often a homebody and enjoys spending time with his fiancé, dogs, and family.