Meet the Team | Heather Yost

This year we’re introducing a series on who makes us Benjamin Obdyke. We want to highlight the people that represent our brand every day by educating the community on what it means to Build Better.

Who is Heather Yost?

Heather has been an integral part of the Benjamin Obdyke team since January 2019. As an inside sales specialist, Heather works to support and bring solutions to a variety of individuals. She often works closely with our market development managers, distribution partners, and end users to get Benjamin Obdyke products in the field. While Heather typically covers the Southeast region, she also works on assisting individuals all over the country.

Because Heather gets the chance to work with a great mix of partners, internally and externally, she has a holistic vision of what’s happening across the entire board. One of her favorite things about her job is that she gets to create relationships with those we do business with.

“I take great pride in making connections with my team members and the partners I work with frequently. Through these connections, I’ve learned a great deal from others who are very knowledgeable people in this industry. The interpersonal part of my job has allowed me to form authentic and well-maintained relationships,” said Heather.

Recently, Heather was awarded our very prestigious Benny O Award. This recognition is given to the Benjamin Obdyke team member who lives our values each and every day. This peer-nominated award goes to the person who shows up every day and has fun while still pushing the importance of building science forward. Heather truly champions the “we can do anything together” mentality.

What is Her Favorite Project?

Heather is currently on the launch team and holds the seat for the sales department. This team is cross-departmental and works strategically to bring new products to market. She has already been part of two major product launches, including HydroGap SA, and is excited for the ones yet to come. In her role on this team, she works to set an example for improving processes that ultimately tie back to the customer experience.

What She Looks to Accomplish in 2023

According to Heather, “What fills my cup up the most is helping further Benjamin Obdyke – no matter what that looks like. I often align my goals according to the ones we set internally and do whatever I can to help us get there. In addition to partaking in that, I always look to further my relationships with our partners.”

Here to Help You Transform Your Craft

At Benjamin Obdyke, we strive to help you Transform Your Craft. But what does that mean? For Heather, what it means is simple: We create premium products and offer educational training to give your homes the best performance protection for many years to come.

What She Does Outside of Obdyke

Heather’s family and friends mean a lot to her, so you’ll often find her spending time with them or hanging out at the beach (or Disney World) with a nice margarita in hand. Additionally, Heather is passionate about raising autism awareness through advocacy and participates in the Eagles Autism Foundation.