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Shawn Moore, Fisher House

Nicholson Builders

HydroGap® Drainable Housewrap, HydroCorner™ Sill Treatment Application

Fisher House

When Nicholson Builders a remodeling firm in Columbus, Ohio was given the opportunity to build a home for a customer we didn't want to just build any home using the standard products you see on most jobsites. We wanted to use new innovative products that would not only save money but also out perform other products. We were building a new Farm house and using Boral shiplap siding for the exterior. Wanting to use a housewrap that would drain fast and hold the siding off the sheathing for breathability. Enter Hydrogap from Benjamin Obdyke. The Framers loved it for many reasons. 1- The hydrocorners made flashing the sill plates a breeze since there was no turning the tape up the jack stud while trying to keep the flexible tape flat on the sheathing. 2- Shorter rolls made rolling out and fastening a lot easier. 3- The hydrogap doesn't tear easily resulting in less fasteners needed and less repairs. 4- The price is also less than the competition. We've found our go to house wrap from here on out, Thanks