The residential building envelope is a system of parts, with each element impacting the performance of the other. Together, the right combination of products and installation techniques will create a robust wall system that is durable, energy-efficient, and moisture-resistant.  

Though builders and remodelers are specifying and installing the wall products, dealers can play a critical role in helping them find the right products for each project. Here is an overview of housewrap options and important details to keep in mind as you’re recommending products to your customers.

Different Types of Housewrap

Housewrap, also called weather-resistive barriers, typically encompass one of the following: 

  • Traditional flat housewrap: The most basic option, traditional flat housewrap protects against moisture intrusion. 
  • Self-adhered flat housewrap: Similar to traditional housewrap, but with an adhesive that seals around fasteners to help block air infiltration. 
  • Drainable housewrap: Housewrap with added texture or spacers that create a gap to further eliminate excess bulk moisture. 
  • Self-adhered drainable housewrap: HydroGap SA, the industry’s first self-adhered drainable housewrap, combines the best of all housewrap features—1mm spacer technology creates a drainage space with 96% drainage efficiency while the 100% continuous adhesive seals around each fastener. 

Selling the System

While it’s tempting to sell what you have on hand or switch customers over one product at a time, wall systems perform best when sold just like that—as a system. That way each element is known to work together toward the overall performance goals. This also ensures compatibility between products and helps prevent failures. Your manufacturers’ representatives can help you understand which flashing products work best with each housewrap you sell.  

A systems approach can also result in a better warranty for your customers. Benjamin Obdyke, for example, offers both product warranties and system warranties.  

As a dealer, selling the system can make the process more accessible for your sales team. For instance, if your customers are installing a trendy open-joint cladding system, our UV-Protected Rainscreen System makes ordering simple. The system includes InvisiWrap UV black housewrap, HydroFlash UV+, and a Batten UV rainscreen, which work together to provide 25+ years of UV exposure behind open siding and can be left completely exposed for a full year ahead of cladding install. 

Drainable Housewrap Samples


Other Factors to Keep in Mind

Ideally, all homes will have the most robust and efficient wall system possible, but monetary and homebuyer expectations play a role. Dealers with a deeper understanding of the project’s budget, green/energy certifications, geographic location, and other factors can help match their customers with the best possible system. 

Siding material plays a key role in the decision-making process, as well, as some cladding manufacturers have minimum requirements for housewraps and rainscreens. For example, James Hardie and TruExterior Siding both have minimum drainage requirements that can only be achieved with a robust drainable housewrap like HydroGap or with a rainscreen. Homes with exterior masonry walls should have a ventilated rainscreen system. 

Finally, advocate that the builder use cap fasteners rather than regular staples. It’s an upsell but can help achieve maximum warranty coverage.

Leverage Available Resources

Understanding wall systems as a way to support your customers takes some learning, but there are many resources available. For Benjamin Obdyke, visit our Resources page for a library of educational materials and short videos that provide product overviews, material comparisons, and installation tips.  

In addition, Benjamin Obdyke representatives are available to meet with you and your customers, in person or virtually, to review plans and help choose the best solutions. Contact us to schedule a session

Understanding the capabilities of the products you sell—and the opportunities to upsell to a higher-performance system—can help your customers avoid callbacks while positioning your yard as a trusted resource, fueling customer loyalty and increased sales opportunities. 

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