We’ve told you about Slicker HP, now meet our new and improved Slicker MAX.

Slicker MAX rainscreen (formerly Home Slicker Stone & Stucco) includes a filter fabric, providing enhanced UV and compression resistance. The fabric serves as the “sacrificial layer” in stone or stucco applications, preventing mortar from infiltrating the Slicker matrix and blocking drainage and drying capacity. With increased compression resistance, Slicker MAX isn’t just for stone and stucco. Slicker MAX is ideal for providing drainage and ventilation behind fiber cement, wood, stone veneer and stucco applications. Plus, it has the longest UV exposure (90 days) out of all our rainscreen options.

Slicker® Rainscreen Samples


A 25 year system warranty can be achieved when installed with Benjamin Obdyke’s HydroFlash. Combine HydroFlash with our other accessories, HydroCorner and Slicker Screen for fast installation and superior infiltration protection.

Since we now organize our wall system offerings by “levels of protection”, Slicker MAX falls under Maximum Protection. Providing the highest level of moisture management and peace-of-mind, Slicker MAX has a “big gap” for superior drainage and drying performance, eliminating potential for mold and rot in the exterior wall.

Visit the Slicker MAX product page for more information or download the Wall Systems: Quick Reference Guide to help you choose the best protection system for your needs.