Are you retrofitting the exterior of a home soon? If so, you should consider the roles HydroGap and HydroTape DS can play in this upcoming project.

The Rise of Renovations

Renovating a home is often the more economical choice for many Americans as opposed to building something new. In 2022, AIA reported that, for the first time in two decades, the amount of renovations had surpassed new construction. This article by Bloomberg pulls together some of the statistics that make up what they’re calling the wave of retrofits across the nation.

When working with a customer on an exterior home renovation, it’s imperative to consider your materials and how they can enhance and protect the current structure. Siding projects are often the most common when we see updates to a home’s weather-resistant barrier (WRB). For many, budget is a significant factor in remodels. In this case, the siding choice will take priority. Still, it’s crucial to communicate with your customers that this is an opportunity to use high-performance moisture management products to protect the life of the new cladding further.

How HydroGap & HydroTape Work Together

Using our mechanically fastened HydroGap with HydroTape DS efficiently achieves a high-performing system that will maintain air and water control.

Our HydroGap Drainable housewrap is among one of the best-performing WRBs on the market for a reason. It’s best to use this product to act as your water control layer in a renovation project. Its patent-pending one-millimeter spacer allows at least 100x more bulk water to drain from a wall than standard housewraps. You can use HydroGap under all cladding types, but it is best to use it under fiber cement, composite, and vinyl siding.

Our newly released HydroTape DS combats the need for regular seam taping and eliminates the risk of reverse overlaps. While it was released in early 2023, the demand for a product like this has been high among professionals for much longer. In fact, one of the product’s biggest supporters, Kevin Thompson, chatted with us about how he foresees that using double-sided tape can help avoid wall failures in the future.

HydroGap and HydroTape DS can create the ultimate wall system in a remodel. When installing these products, there is one crucial factor to keep in mind: pressure is essential. You’ll need to apply pressure to enforce the bond between the housewrap overlap layers to ensure the acrylic adhesive on the double-sided tape is activated and performs at its maximum potential. Our HydroTape DS has been tried and tested with the HydroGap, so there should be no concerns about the adhesive attaching to the spacers. More of a visual learner? Us too. Check out this quick install video to see how to apply HydroTape DS to HydroGap.

Common Challenges with Exterior Remodels

One part of the building envelope can significantly impact the other, and in remodels where you may be working with a combination of old and new products, navigating this can be tricky. We always say, “It’s all about the details,” but in a remodel, getting the details right is often one of the biggest challenges.

One of the best ways to combat any potential moisture failures is by replacing the siding and windows at the same time. Exterior cladding is already pricey, so it may be challenging to convince your customer to invest in new windows simultaneously. However, the benefits of approaching it this way are well worth it in the long run. By replacing both, you’ll be able to ensure the flashing and sealing details are up to par. Which is critical in ensuring no trapped moisture can occur. If you’re not replacing windows, you can’t be confident in ensuring the integrity of the entire building envelope.

If you’ve got an exterior remodel coming up and are looking for guidance, let’s chat. We can help you decide how to approach product selection, installation methods, and more.