Conventional seam tapes aren’t doing the trick. That’s why we’re introducing HydroTape DS. A sealing tape that offers the advantages of a seam tape while avoiding common moisture challenges.

Our newHydroTape DS is an acrylic-based double-sided sealing tape for use with mechanically fastened housewraps. Opting to use a double-sided tape for housewrap seams helps eliminate many of the issues and failure points of conventional seam tapes.

In standard applications, traditional seam tapes that adhere to the surface of housewraps or to sheathing with integrated weather barriers can create a reverse overlap; in these cases, if the tape wrinkles or lacks sealing pressure, it can impede water drainage and create “fishmouths” that trap moisture. Additionally, many conventional tapes are vapor-closed, which means that trapped moisture will dry inward toward the sheathing rather than to the exterior. All of these issues can lead to moisture damage within the wall system over time.

Alternatively, our new HydroTape DS ¾” double-sided tape installs between the housewrap layers, where they overlap. The result is a tape that helps prevent blow-off during installation yet doesn’t interrupt moisture drainage or capture bulk water. The tape’s acrylic adhesive is vapor permeable, ensuring any trapped moisture dries to the exterior. The adhesive also seals around fasteners to reduce air infiltration at penetration points.

“Many seam tapes used on the surface of mechanically fastened housewraps can often do more harm than good, trapping moisture and exposing the building envelope to damage,” said Tara Murray, Director of Marketing for Benjamin Obdyke. “HydroTape DS is a preferred alternative. It serves the same purpose but ensures moisture can move and escape as intended to protect the wall system.”

HydroTape DS is split wound and has a release liner to ease application; the installer simply unwinds the tape onto the bottom housewrap layer, applies pressure, removes the release liner, overlaps the top housewrap layer, and applies pressure again to create a strong seal. The double-sided tape also can be used at the top of the wall, adhering the housewrap to the sheathing as an alternative to applying caulk. The ¾” tape comes in 82’ rolls. It can be used with flat and drainable housewraps.

How to Install HydroTape DS

Want to see it in action? Check out this installation video below:  

Ditch your old seam tape