New Roof Ridge Vent From Benjamin Obdyke

In response to demand by roofing contractors and building supply distributors, Benjamin Obdyke has introduced a new lightweight, classic-style roof ridge vent called Cougar™ Ridge Vent.

Benjamin Obdyke, the company which introduced the first rolled ridge vent product to the construction market, introduces Cougar™ Ridge Vent, a lightweight, classic-style roof ridge vent without fabric that promotes attic ventilation and optimizes the life, beauty, and performance of residential roofing.

The introduction of Cougar Ridge Vent is in response to the demands of a niche segment of both roofers and distributors that requested a fabric-less rolled ridge vent product made to the traditional quality standards of Benjamin Obdyke. It is the fourth product in the Benjamin Obdyke ridge vent product line, which also includes Roll Vent®, Rapid Ridge®, and Xtractor Vent®. All ridge vent products help extract heat and moisture from attics by removing heated attic air along the highest point of the roof – the ridge – while promoting the intake of air through roofing soffits below. The low-profile design of the products is hidden by ridge cap shingles. Each of the products is designed to provide superior protection against rain, snow, and insect infiltration.

Cougar Ridge Vent, made from nylon matrix technology, installs easily, rolling quickly onto the roof ridge, over a cut slot. It can be installed by hand or with a pneumatic nail gun (coil nails are included).

The newest ridge vent product provides a maximum of 17 sq. in./lin. ft. of net free area and has a 40-year Limited Warranty. It also complies with the Florida Building Code and International Code Council standards.

Since Benjamin Obdyke revolutionized roof ventilation by creating the first roof ridge vent on a roll in 1987, the company has continued to incorporate design enhancements into all of its products based on a proven original concept that has stood the test of time.