Meet the Team | Bill Warfield

This year we’re introducing a series on who makes us Benjamin Obdyke. We want to highlight the people that represent our brand every day by educating the community on what it means to Build Better.

Who is Bill Warfield?

Bill has been an integral part of the Benjamin Obdyke team since February of 2020. He serves as the Regional Sales Manager for our Northeast and International efforts. In his role, he works to ensure our overall sales strategy aligns with our plan for growth and our customers’ needs.

In addition to strategizing our sales plan and tactics, Bill works closely with the Market Development Managers in his territory to help guide their growth as well. One of his favorite things about his job goes back to Benjamin Obdyke as a company.

“The leadership at Benjmain Obdyke works hard to ensure we all have the tools and skills we need to succeed. There is an element of trust and flexibility that is unique to this company – and that in turn creates passioned individuals who become champions of this brand.”

What is His Favorite Project?

One of the best things to be a part of is growth, says Bill. In his time at Benjamin Obdyke, Bill has been able to add a lot of talented and passionate individuals to his team. And as the team has grown, he’s seen a correlation in sales growth as well. It all comes back to the people aspect for Bill, and that’s what his favorite thing about his job is.

What He Looks to Accomplish in 2024

As we wrap up 2023, Bill is looking forward to hitting our sales objectives and building new leads. With education being a huge aspect of our company culture, Bill closely relates this to getting in front of the right people to talk about how they can build better.

Here to Help You Transform Your Craft

“To transform your craft, means to care about doing things better. It means to want to go beyond the standard,” says Bill. When we say, “Transform Your Craft”, we want you to think about how you can be a step above the others.

What He Does Outside of Obdyke

Bill is a family man, and oftentimes, outside of work he is spending time with his wife and children. He enjoys traveling and being outdoors as much as possible.