by Tara Murray, Marketing Manager at Benjamin Obdyke

Here are 10 reasons NOT to tape HydroGap’s seams. While we certainly believe that you shouldn’t have to tape the seams, some manufacturers of housewrap require it. To this point, make sure to do your homework! grin

And here we go:

  1. Elimination of seam tape allows for unrestricted drainage path (no reverse flashing).
  2. Drainage space provides path of least resistance down and out of the wall system – moisture won’t migrate laterally at vertical seams.
  3. Provides unrestricted vapor transmission as most tapes are vapor barriers.
  4. Eliminates the need for WRB surface to be clean and dry during installation (required for good tape adhesion).
  5. Allows for installation in all temperature conditions – most tapes need to be installed above 32 degrees.
  6. Reduces installation costs by as much as 13% (labor/material).
  7. Speeds installation.
  8. Achieving a true continuous air barrier with a housewrap is challenging (find out more here).
  9. One less accessory to purchase/have with you.
  10. Tape adhesion degrades over time when exposed to moisture, temperature fluctuations, and movement of cladding materials.

For more information on housewraps, we encourage you to check out “Understanding Housewraps: A Decision Guide for Selecting the Right Housewrap.”