Slicker® HP Rainscreen

Slicker® HP is the first all-in-one moisture management solution to feature a detachable rainscreen and premium housewrap in a single application. The ability to detach the rainscreen from the housewrap without compromising water holdout simplifies installation and allows installers to use preferred flashing methods.

  • Provides a continuous space for drainage and drying
  • Creates a thermal break and pressure equalization
  • Works well with wood & fiber cement
  • Provides maximum protection for the wall system, eliminating the deteriorating effects of mold and rot between siding and sheathing
  • Reduces the chances of premature peeling or blistering of finishes
  • Commercial-grade housewrap layer has superior tear strength, surfactant resistance and water holdout capabilities
  • Simplifies and reduces labor by installing rainscreen and housewrap in one easy-to-handle roll


Slicker HP Product Drawing


39.37 in (1 m)


61.5 ft (18.75 m)


200 sq ft (18.58 sq m)



Vapor Permeability

35 perms


16 lbs per roll

UV Exposure

30 days (max)


30 (product) or 35 (system) year limited


6,594,965 US, 6,804,922 US and 2,376,583 CAN

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Goes without saying, water is our enemy…when it comes to building. This relentless culprit is the number one killer of buildings and cause of failures. So, proper moisture management is an absolute must.