That’s right; here at Benjamin Obdyke we’ll be shamelessly plugging our aptly named Shark Vent Ridge Vent all week during Shark Week.

Our newest addition to our ridge vent line, Shark Vent offers the “best of both worlds” for contractors looking for a product with the rigidity of a sectional vent, but with the faster installation of a nail-gunnable roll. Shark Vent effectively extracts heat and moisture from residential attics with a Net Free Area (NFA) of 12in./lin.ft.2. The shingle-over ridge vent offers highly effective ventilation by providing continuous air flow along the attic ridge, the hottest part of the attic.Its “sine wave” shaped internal and external baffles with 1/8-in.-wide vent holes protect attics from rain, snow, and insect infiltration.For extreme weather areas, Shark Vent also comes in a filtered option for additional peace-of-mind, called Shark Vent Xtra.

So join us as we jump on the shark band wagon because this is the best time to buy Shark Vent Ridge Vent.