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Jan 11

Don’t Miss Slicker HP Featured on This Old House!

We are very excited to announce our newest rainscreen, Slicker HP, will be featured on the next episode of This Old House! Each season, the show chooses two different historic homes to renovate—one step at a time—featuring quality craftsmanship and the latest in modern technology. Slicker HP was a key component to restoring one of the historic Victorian style homes in the Boston suburbs.

Located in Belmont, Massachusetts, a northwest suburb of Boston, the 3,200 sq. ft. shingle style Victorian house selected for the project was erected in the 1890s. Homeowners Katherine and Murat Bicer tasked the expert construction team with transforming the home back to its original architectural state while also making it livable for a modern family. To revive the home’s period charms, the team added custom trim, repaired oak floors and installed new ones, rehabilitated and reinstalled old windows, and completed a number of structural repairs.

To protect the home from the unpredictable and extreme Northeast climate, Slicker HP was selected as a solution combining the benefits of a water resistive barrier (WRB) and rainscreen. Its ease-of-installation and water resistance, drainage, and ventilation for exterior walls made it a perfect fit for this project.

The vertical channels of Slicker HP’s rainscreen element help to direct bulk water out of the exterior wall of the home by creating a ¼ inch space behind the siding for drainage and drying. The WRB element of Slicker HP is FlatWrap HP, a premium tri-laminate housewrap that provides optimal strength, water holdout, and vapor permeability. The product is the first combination of its kind where the rainscreen can be removed from the housewrap to allow for integral flashing integration.

We are excited to see the contracting team– some of the most influential and well-respected in the industry – use Slicker HP to help reconstruct a home that reflects the quality of their work on a national scale. The Slicker HP product can be seen during Episode 11 of the current season, which airs on Thursday, January 14 (check your local listings).

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