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Jan 21

CYA with HydroGap Drainable Housewrap

This builder didn’t CYA, find out what happened.

Building failures due to moisture issues have been a common theme in the building industry. Failures in newer buildings often stem from the use of products that lack the capabilities necessary to remove moisture from the wall assembly, causing most issues you see today. Many builders and contractors are realizing it’s better to pay a small upfront cost increase than to have to repair damage down the road.

The need to incorporate good moisture management solutions when designing and building structures is integral in protecting your business and reputation. Solutions such as HydroGap Drainable Housewrap provide a water-resistant barrier and a drainage system which facilitates water drainage from an exterior wall system. HydroGap is superior to other drainable housewraps in that it provides the largest consistent drainage space of 1mm and drains 2X faster than the leading drainable housewrap on the market.

Major siding manufacturers are also realizing the importance of drainage behind their products to maintain longevity and prevent moisture damage. Recently, manufacturers such as Boral and James Hardie have issued drainage requirements for use with their products. Drainable housewraps with a drainage efficiency of at least 90% when tested according to ASTM E2273 are now recommended or required behind certain exterior sidings.

Protect your craftsmanship, credibility and business. HydroGap provides a true gap for drainage behind cladding, preventing damage from mold and rot, and most importantly, protects against callbacks.

So why not CYA with HydroGap?

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