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Aug 15

Benjamin Obdyke Announces the Formation of Innovation Council 2013

HORSHAM, Pa. – Benjamin Obdyke Incorporated, a leading provider of roof and wall products to the residential and light-commercial construction markets, today announced the formation of the company’s Innovation Council 2013. Comprised of builders, contractors, designers and architects representing a variety of states and climates, the Innovation Council maintains a dialogue with Benjamin Obdyke about best practices, innovative building solutions, and current needs in the construction industry.

“As a manufacturer, we recognize that we have limited insight into, and access to, the marketplace,” said George Caruso, Product Development Manager. “We are constantly looking to interact with leading building professionals on the front lines of the construction industry and the Innovation Council provides us with insight and ideas that we would likely otherwise miss. In exchange, we expose members to relevant market information related to building construction best practices and current industry trends.”

The Innovation Council was formed in response to Benjamin Obdyke’s longstanding commitment to sharing ideas with like-minded industry professionals and the company’s desire to understand market needs and trends from the perspective of its customers. The Council recently completed the 2013 Product Concept Survey, an extensive questionnaire designed to glean insight into how and why construction industry decision-makers select certain building materials for their projects.

The Benjamin Obdyke Innovation Council consists of 97 members, 62 percent of whom participated in the 2013 Product Concept Survey. Plans for the rest of the year include in-person focus groups, meet-ups at industry tradeshows, co-creation of installation videos and other web resources. The Innovation Council will also be critical in providing feedback via hands-on testing of new product ideas and prototypes.

New members are reviewed on a rolling basis and can continue or end their membership at their own discretion. To join the Benjamin Obdyke Innovation Council, please visit this address to submit a brief application.


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