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May 19

Action News Philadelphia Investigates Construction Crisis

Action News Philadelphia investigative team Troubleshoots has been reporting on the growing construction crisis in the Tri-State area for over 3 years. This latest story involves homeowners that are facing major mold and moisture issues with very prominent builders in the area due to defective or incorrect installation techniques. Previous reports by Troubleshooters has investigated issues specifically with stucco homes, but have now found issues with homes including those built with vinyl, cultured stone and fiber cement siding as well.

As a building product manufacturer, we cannot stress enough the importance of building with moisture management products and proper installation techniques. We’re passionate about protecting homes and building from moisture damage and building better since 1868. Stores like these offer proof that moisture and mold are not solely a stucco issue, but can affect all sidings if not installed properly.

Check out the links below to see other stories from the Investigators team about the growing construction crisis in the Tri-State area:

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