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Product Update August 30, 2017:
Home Slicker Plus Typar will only be available for a limited time. Due to the increasing preference of installers for our comparable product, Slicker HP Rainscreen, we are discontinuing Home Slicker Plus Typar from the product line. Please see the Slicker HP product page or contact us for more information.

Home Slicker® Plus Typar® Rainscreen 6 mm & 10 mm

Home Slicker® Plus Typar® is a cost-effective, labor and material saving, moisture eliminating rainscreen combined with a water resistive barrier. Each roll contains the patented Home Slicker three-dimensional matrix bonded to Typar, the premium residential and commercial grade housewrap. Home Slicker® 10 Plus Typar® was created to comply with new Canadian building codes

Benjamin Obdyke HomeSlicker® Rainscreen Installation Video

Benjamin Obdyke HomeSlicker® Rainscreen Installation Video

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