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May 7, 2014

New FlatWrap® HP Housewrap From Benjamin Obdyke Offers Optimal Strength and Water Resistance

To provide customers with an enhanced option for premium housewrap that has optimal strength while protecting the water resistant film layer, Benjamin Obdyke Incorporated, a leading provider of roof and wall products to the residential and commercial construction markets, introduced its new FlatWrap® HP
Housewrap. A commercial-grade tri-laminate solution, FlatWrap HP delivers enhanced UV and tear resistance along with easier installation.

FlatWrap HP features a range of performance benefits that make it ideal for both commercial and residential applications. The structural components of FlatWrap HP provide enhanced UV exposure up to six months and greater tear and wind load resistance for jobs over 40 feet. In addition to providing a vapor permeability of 35 perms, FlatWrap HP resists damage from surfactants that compromise other housewrap solutions. By offering a 5’ x 100’ roll size and adding a black substrate to cut down on surface glare, Benjamin Obdyke has made installation easier. FlatWrap HP is the ideal water resistive barrier to be used in combination with Benjamin Obdyke’s Home Slicker® family of rainscreen products. Additionally, the product can be paired with the company’s HydroGap® Drainable Housewrap and Home Slicker as the required secondary layer in masonry applications.

FlatWrap HP Housewrap is protected under the Benjamin Obdyke 15 year warranty when installed with other Benjamin Obdyke flashing accessories (HydroFlash® and HydroCorner).

For more information or to purchase FlatWrap HP, visit or the online retailer at

April 21, 2014

Benjamin Obdyke Adds New Sales Firm in the Carolinas

HORSHAM, PA – Benjamin Obdyke Incorporated, a leading provider of roof and wall products to the residential and commercial construction markets, is pleased to announce new sales representation in the Carolinas. Based just outside of Charlotte, NorthCarolina, Foresight Building Solutions will be tasked with increasing Benjamin Obdyke’s presence throughout the territory.

Foresight Building Solutions has been covering the Carolinas for over five years representing both residential andcommercial manufacturers. The associates have worked for some of the leading building manufacturers and distributors such as: Johns Manville, Georgia Pacific and Bradco Supply, and bring with them over twenty-five years of combined experience. The firm’s extensive industry background is an ideal match for Benjamin Obdyke to increase awareness about its innovative products in the region.

Foresight currently represents Benjamin Obdyke, Versico, EcoStar, PortalsPlus, Milcor and Chemlink in both North Carolina and South Carolina.

April 10, 2014

2014 Green Builder Readers’ Choice Survey

GreenBuilder, March 2014

Green Builder asked and you answered! Our HydroGap drainable housewrap was voted as one of this year’s top green building wraps! Thank you to all of our loyal customers who recognize our products help you Build Better.



March 20, 2014

Carl Seville on Home Slicker Rainscreen

Carl Seville, A well-respected building scientist discusses why he uses Home Slicker in conjunction with the Huber Zip System in this article.

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December 6, 2013

The Green Police on Rainscreens

Michael Anschel, CEO of Verified Green and Carl Seville, owner of Seville Consulting are the Green Police at GreenBuild. In this series they scoured the exhibit floor at the 2013 Greenbuild International Conference and Expo on the hunt for products you can truly call “green”.

Carl and Michael discuss the importance of weatherizing structures and search to find their favorite ventilated rain screens. In this video, they check out HydroGap Drainable Housewrap and HomeSlicker Rainscreen from Benjamin Obdyke.

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September 26, 2013

Northeast Marketing Associates appointed to represent Benjamin Obdyke products in New England

HORSHAM, PA ─ Northeast Marketing Associates, LLC has been appointed by Benjamin Obdyke to represent its line of roof and wall products in New England in the following states: Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, and New York (east of RT 81).

Northeast Marketing Associates sells products through wholesale distribution, and every company they represent is headquartered in the United States. They focus on product training as a service to their customers through application seminars, trade show demonstrations, and contractor clinics. Northeast Marketing is a member of the Northeast Roofing Contractors Association, the National Roofing Contractors Association, the Northeast Retail Lumber Association, the Manufacturers’ Agents National Association, and the Sales Corps.

“Northeast Marketing Associates will be a key resource for our customers” says John McGill, National Sales Manager. “Their technical expertise and focus on contractor training will be a helpful asset to our customers in the New England market.”

Northeast Marketing Associates will represent the entirety of the Benjamin Obdyke product including: Roll Vent®, Rapid Ridge®, Cougar®LP, Xtractor Vent®, Cedar Breather®,Home Slicker® family, HydroGap® Drainable Housewrap, and accessories.

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August 29, 2013

HydroGap Now ICC Evaluated!

HydroGap, manufactured by Benjamin Obdyke, recently received an evaluation report (ESR# 3394) from ICC Evaluation Service (ICC-ES), providing evidence that HydroGap Drainable Housewrap meets code requirements. Building officials, architects, contractors, specifiers, designers and others utilize ICC-ES Evaluation Reports to provide a basis for using or approving HydroGap in construction projects under the International Building and International Residential Codes.

ICC-ES President Mark Johnson explains why ICC-ES Evaluation Reports are so important. “Benjamin Obdyke can now reference the evaluation report to ensure building officials and the building industry that the product meets I-Code requirements,” Johnson said. “Building departments have a long history of using evaluation reports, and ICC-ES operates as a technical resource for the building department. Final approval of building products is always in the hands of the local regulatory agency.”

ICC-ES thoroughly examined Benjamin Obdyke’s product information, test reports, calculations, quality control methods and other factors to ensure the product is code-compliant.

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August 23, 2013

Packaged for Performance

Packaged for Performance: Weather, vapor, and air barriers protect buildings and their occupants—but when should each be used?

Buildings shield us from the natural elements, yet they too require protection to ensure their performance and integrity. To this end, the many layers of materials comprising a building envelope work together in keeping it—and us—healthy.

Read the rest of the article by Alice Liao in ECOBUILDINGpulse

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July 10, 2013

Professional Remodeler Magazine - July 2013

“Sealed and Saving: Advancements in weather-resistant barriers keep things tight yet ventilated to save energy” by Abby Kleckler, Assistant Editor

The July issue of Professional Remodeler looks at the innovations in weather resistant barriers in past years and how education is changing the market.

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May 23, 2013

PCBC 2013 Parade Of Products

HORSHAM PA- MAY 23, 2013

The PCBC exhibit floor is full of innovative products, but navigating the aisles can take a while. So you don’t want to miss the Parade of Products — a series of rapid-fire, three-minute presentations that bring the best of the best directly to you.

Benjamin Obdyke’s HydroFlash™ Self-Adhered Flashing is picked as a winner for the 2013 Parade of Products. You can see their 3 minute presentation on Wednesday June 5th at 2:00 pm. Their opening act will feature a demonstration of HydroFlash’s™ unique superior adhesion and discuss its distinctive characteristics such as low temperature application down to zero degrees Fahrenheit.

If you are unable to make this event, stop by and see them at booth 326!

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April 10, 2013

HydroFlash Self Adhered Flashing Tape

Benjamin Obdyke added a flashing for its HydroGap weather barrier that self-adheres to a range of building materials—including OSB, sheathing, and building wraps—without a primer. It can be installed in temperatures as cold as zero degrees Fahrenheit, applied wet, and comes in 4-, 6-, and 9-inch widths, each 7 millimeters thick.

Check out the March issue of ProSales for more on Hot Finds from IBS.

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April 8, 2013

“My New Shop: Rainscreen Walls” by Gary Katz

“A long time ago, I lived in Prescott, Arizona and built new homes from the ground up. The ground was so dry I once built a temporary shed at my home, on untreated 4×4 posts, and five years later still used it. Wood just doesn’t rot in Arizona, because it dries out quickly every time it gets wet. And that’s the secret to rainscreen walls, too….”

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March 12, 2013

Gary Katz, of Katz RoadShow builds with Benjamin Obdyke’s HomeSlicker

Gary Katz, of Katz RoadShow builds with Benjamin Obdyke’s HomeSlicker,to create a rainscreen wall system. As an experienced carpenter, he explains the importance of an air gap behind trim and siding to promote evaporation and air circulation. By creating a drainage plane moisture can dry quickly, preventing mold and rot. Watch the video here.

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February 11, 2013

“The Hot 50” products for 2013!

GreenBuilder Magazine’s editors pick HydroGap to be featured in “The Hot 50” products for 2013! The November ’13 edition spotlights the key features that make HydroGap Drainable Housewrap unique.

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January 28, 2013

HydroFlash™ Self-Adhered Flashing Delivers Superior Adhesion and Temperature Application

Product Backed by a 15-Year Product and Labor Limited Warranty When Used With Company’s HydroGap® Drainable Housewrap

HORSHAM, Pa. (January 28, 2013) – Benjamin Obdyke Incorporated, a leading provider of roof and wall products to the residential and commercial construction markets, today introduces its new HydroFlash™ Self-Adhered Flashing, developed to deliver superior adhesion and temperature application and effectively meet the needs of installers. Effective January 15, Benjamin Obdyke will introduce a 15-year product and labor limited warranty. The new warranty, which extends beyond the standard 10-year product only limited warranty, supports the combined use of HydroFlash with Benjamin Obdyke’s HydroGap® Drainable Housewrap.

”Providing customers with innovative solutions that help them build better™ is a priority for the company and is especially important in today’s market,” said Geoff Erhman, Director of New Business Development for Benjamin Obdyke. “Installers have expressed a need for flashing that can be put in place in colder temperatures and will effectively seal penetration points as temperatures shift. HydroFlash addresses those needs and more. And, with the new warranty, we are not only standing by our products, but the labor process as well.”

HydroFlash was designed with flexibility and ease-of-installation in mind. Using a new adhesive technology, HydroFlash can be installed in cold weather – down to zero degrees Fahrenheit – and applied wet. Made of a block copolymer and featuring a split release liner, HydroFlash self-seals around nails and delivers stronger adhesion and cold weather application to substrates than self-adhered flashings made of butyl or asphalt. No primer is needed for application. Additionally, for greater longevity and performance, the flashing is UV stable for six months and exhibits less than seven percent degradation over 10 years. Available in 4 -, 6 - and 9-inches with a 7 mm thickness, HydroFlash is compatible with a wide range of building materials including Oriented Strand Board (OSB), CDX Sheathing, vinyl and other building wraps of similar material.

Using HydroFlash in conjunction with Benjamin Obdyke’s HydroGap Drainable Housewrap will help achieve greater adhesion. Supporting this product pairing is the company’s new 15-year product and labor limited warranty, which warrants that the product will be free from defect for 15 years if the full drainable housewrap product line is utilized, in addition to cap-fasteners. The company also offers a 10-year product limited warranty if using a standalone approved product.

Additionally, as the result of a strategic partnership with Henkel OSI®, manufacturers of the world’s best professional-grade caulks, sealants and adhesives, Benjamin Obdyke has also extended the 15 year product and labor limited warranty for use of HydroGap with the OSI® WinTeQ™ Window Installation System. The OSI WinTeQ™ Window installation system provides for a water-tight window opening with the use of flashing, sealant, and foam components. This method not only creates a tighter envelope, but also helps improve the sustainability of the wall by preventing mildew and mold and allowing the wall to drain.

“Benjamin Obdyke has built a long history of success by providing customers with trusted moisture management products and systems,” said Mike Bozich, OSI’s® Vice President of Business Development. “This partnership allows OSI® to unite with a top company and expand our market presence. We look forward to this alliance with Benjamin Obdyke and to creating stronger, tighter buildings together.”

For details on the new warranty, visit or contact the Benjamin Obdyke technical support team at 800-523-5261.

About Benjamin Obdyke Incorporated

Since 1868, Benjamin Obdyke has been helping architects, builders and contractors in the United States and Canada Build Better™ by developing and adding new advances to its product line. Benjamin Obdyke develops, sources, markets and sells proprietary roof and wall products that improve the building envelope and the performance of other building materials for the new construction, repair and remodel markets. Innovations from Benjamin Obdyke, such as the first roofing ridge vent on a roll, the first wood roofing underlayment and the first rolled product to provide drainage and air flow in rainscreen wall assemblies, have helped shape today’s building practices. Headquartered in Horsham, Pa., USA, Benjamin Obdyke partners with a network of distributors, dealers, buying groups and cooperatives to reach building professional in the United States and Canada. For more information, visit

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January 25, 2013

Benjamin Obdyke will be a sponsor of Professional Builder Magazine’s annual “Show Village”

Benjamin Obdyke will be a sponsor of Professional Builder magazine’s annual “Show Village” at the International Builder’s Show Jan 22-24, 2013 in Las Vegas.

HydroGao Drainable Housewrap will be featured as part of the “modern-style” home and shown on an exposed wall. We’ll be talking to attendees about HydroGap at the show, but will also be featured on the “Show Village” website that launches next week. We’ll have a full year of exposure through the informative, interactive site. Stay tuned for photos (and maybe even video!) from the show itself.

For any of you attending the show next week, please make sure to stop by and visit us! The Show Village is in the “Silver” parking lot adjacent to Paradise Road at the Convention Center. There’s a block party with music and drinks (we have drink tix!) from 4pm-6pm on Tuesday and Wednesday night.

Follow us on Twitter @BenjaminObdyke

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