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Archives: May 2017

Action News Philadelphia investigative team Troubleshoots has been reporting on the growing construction crisis in the Tri-State area for over 3 years. This latest story involves homeowners that are facing major mold and moisture issues with very prominent builders in the area due to defective or incorrect installation techniques. Previous reports by Troubleshooters has investigated issues specifically with stucco homes, but have now found issues with homes including those built with vinyl,...

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Over the past few months we have published certain materials comparing HydroGap® to the Fortifiber® WeatherSmart® Drainable Housewrap. While we stand by the information we presented, some parts of it could have been taken out of context and misinterpreted. Fortifiber’s WeatherSmart® Drainable Housewrap exceeds all requirements for a drainable wrap and passes ASTM E2273 with greater than 95% drainage efficiency. Of course, there are many ways to measure the performance of drainable...

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